Photographer's Notes for this page:
Skylit Dome, Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City is an amazing structure of vaulted arches and domed ceilings, filled with pilgrim groups from across the Christian world, as well as many of the curious from everywhere. Here, gold censors topped with candles hand from a wooden beam below the main, star-painted dome. The early afternoon sun forms solid streams of light as it falls through the oculus and cuts through many centuries of dust.--Steve

White Ibis, Palm Beach Zoo
In this photo by Louis Spanoudis, a Ibis standing in a shallow pool of water steps forward into a spot of light to create a glowing portrait. The long curved beak and the curved back feathers create a near symmetrical half circle. --Steve

Whale Skeleton, Museum of Natural History
The British Museum of Natural History has a a ceiling populated with flying (swimming) marine mammals, including whale skeletons such as this one, while a simulated blue whale sits like a grounded blimp at floor level. --Steve

Door to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
I can't even imagine who has passed through this doorway over the centuries, or how old this door, with its bleached, split wood and iron bindings is, or how many other wooden doors have stood here. But I liked the strong sunlight falling across the threshold and the darkness of the church interior. --Steve

Flower Basket, Innisbrook Park
I liked the dappled lighting and the shades of lavender.--Steve

Wailing Wall
Men and Women must worship separately at the wall. Note that the upper section is made of smaller stones - this was added, the story goes, to prevent arab children from pelting the worshippers below with stones. --Steve

Green Parrot
Just a simple "who's staring at whoo" portrait. --Steve

Stone of the Last Unction, Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The lore of Jerusalem is that this is the stone slab on which the body of Jesus of nazareth was prepared for burial. It stands just inside the Church, and every pilgrim kisses it and crosses themself as they enter. --Steve

Fishing Pier
Bright sun falling on the water behind the pier and a dark storm in the distance make for a reversed horizon. --Steve

Laurel Bloom
This picture by Louis Spanoudis captures the blooming flower perfectly - soft curving petals, dark green waxy leaves, and slowly unraveling stamens. --Steve