Photographer's Notes for this page:
Greek Easter Eggs
Wew Greeks have quite a few traditions surrounding the Orthodox holidays. One of the most colorful traditions is the Blood-Red color of Easter eggs. These are from an Easter picnic on the beach at Fort DeSoto Park in Saint Petersburg with family and friends. And yes there were several lambs being roasted on spits. --Steve

Green Iguana
An iguana is an animal you have a hard time making an emotional attachment to - though it makes a fascinating photo subject. This is one of a pair I took shots of at the Seaquarium on the Key Biscayne causeway off Miami, early one October morning. I liked the emerald shades of green, the amazing detail brought out by the bright sunlight, and the calm, sentinel-like expression on the iguana's face. --Steve

Touch Sculpture
There are two things in the basement of the Art institute of Chicago that caught my interest. One was a series of incredibly detailed miniature room interiors - all viewed through picture-frame windows. The other was this statue, part of a touch exhibit for the blind - of a young knight with a crown of leaves, presenting his face to be touched with a certain, quiet dignity. --Steve

Westminster Abbey
Westminister is the kind of structure whose size and situation make it difficult sometimes to get a whole picture. It is also filled inside and out with beautiful detail and centuries of history. photography is not allowed inside however. This is a full view of the western fascade in late afternoon summer sun, after the tourists have gone away. --Steve

Yellow Flowers
Sorry, I am not good at takin notes about plants. I thinks these are in the thistle family, though they look like a cross between a dandeliona nd a pineapple. They are from the Alpine House at Kew Gardens - a clamshell-shaped building with unique shades to simualte mountainside sunshine. --Steve

Fountain in the Pump Room
"Taking the Waters" in Bath, England - a city named for the Roman Baths located above a thermal spring - can include drinking them (once the noxious substances are filtered out). This was done in "The Pump Room" - where the fashionable set of England once went to see and be seen. Visitors to this day can still dine in the Pump Room, and purchase a drink of the famed waters from this fountain. --Steve

Sunrise on the Beach
Yet another sunrise from the beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida - this one a telephoto through the branches of a young Australian Pine with the hotels of Fort Myers Beach in the background. --Steve

Mother and Daughter

Cape Florida Lighthouse
Another picture from the Seaquarium - a mother and daughter dolphin swimming together mid-morning. --Steve

One of many in the Chicago Art Institute - which permits non-flash photogrpahy and has adequate lighting in several galleries to enable hand-held exposures. The detailed texture in the hair and the delicate curvature of the face made for a good black & white image. --Steve