About the Collection
This collection, "Beautiful Images 2", is the digital sequel to the original collection created and launched in 1994 in the early years of the internet. The original collection was comprised of images optically scanned from negatives, slides, and prints created from medium format and 35mm film cameras. Unfortuantely the original images were compressed and downsized in an era of disk space and bandwidth limitations. The new collection is based on high resolution digital images, scaled or croped to a 1024x768 format - suitable for most windows backgrounds or generating a 4" x 6" print.

The collection is made up of original photographs taken in color and in black and white. The images are from the US, the Carribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. It covers all formats of subject matter, from macro images to landscapes.

Contributions are warmly welcomed but must be original material. Images for the collection should be e-mailed to the webmaster. Note the mailto: link and instructions on the home page. JPG format is preferred. If you can, please include your own photographer's notes on what is interresting or special about the image, either in terms of its composition, or what you went through to take it.

Ownership and Terms of Use
Ownership (including world-wide copyright) is retained by the contributors. The images are posted on the site for personal, non-commercial use. Removal or alteration of copyright notation is a violation of use. If you would like to use one of these images on your own personal website, or use them commercially, you must request permission. The original photographer's approval is required, and the photo credit and copyright notice must accompany the image. A reference to this site URL is also appreciated. This site, its format, content and scription are © 2007 theotherpages.org and S.L. Spanoudis, all rights reserved world-wide.

The Photographers
  • Steve Spanoudis
  • Donna Childrey
  • Jim Rioux
  • Louis Spanoudis
  • Joanne Spanoudis
  • Amy Shipman
  • Teresa Bzdk
  • Catherine Spanoudis

Windows IE Browser Issues
Note: some Windows Internet Explorer browsers (most, actually) are set to automatically re-size images to fit the current window. This results in uneven dithering and poor appearance of the image. To re-size the image, park your cursor over the image and wait 1-2 seconds. A re-sizing icon should appear in the lower right corner. If it does not, right click anywhere within the brower (but outside of the image) and repeat the process. To save the image, right click and select "Save Picture As...". Images that are saved or copied using copy-and-paste are at saved at full resolution.